Making that first step

If you would like to access CAVDAS you can do so in one of a number of ways. You can make an appointment online or you can call our dedicated workers on 0300 3007000 to discuss your needs.

You will be asked information about you and your circumstances, and they will invite you to drop in or make an appointment for as soon as possible. Dropping in is the quickest way to get started on your recovery journey.

You may want to make a small change or a big change and speaking to our highly trained staff will help you to make that decision.
The first thing we will need to do is understand your circumstances and this will allow us to tailor your treatment pathway.

This is done with either a brief assessment or in a lot of situations we will complete a comprehensive assessment.
If you are unable to attend in person, we can arrange for someone to contact you over the phone, we can also come to you.