CAVDAS adult services Cardiff & Vale

CAVDAS adult services Cardiff & Vale

CAVDAS adult services provides a single point of contact and assessment for individuals who may be experiencing issues around substance use personally, or for a family member, loved one or friend who may be experiencing their own issues with substance use.

We officer specific support for family members, and other concerned parties alongside your own treatment pathway, adult services have specialist workers for those over the age of fifty and can refer you for clinical services if required.


We can also attend your home or meet you in a less formal setting to complete your initial assessment and ongoing support needs.

Our specialized service will ensure that when accessing CAVDAS adult services that you are offered the appropriate support, guidance, and direction to support you to achieve your personal goals.

We will support you through your recovery journey while in treatment and ensure that you are continued to be supported when you complete your treatment with adult services and, engage in therapeutic aftercare and relapse prevention if this would meet your needs.