Get Involved

If you’ve used our services and want to inform future services, we’d love to hear from you. If you have experience of issues with drug and alcohol use and are interested in supporting others, you may consider joining us as a peer volunteer.

Education & training programmes

As well as ensuring our own teams are highly trained, we provide organisations and professionals with wide ranging training and run awareness programs for young people in education and community settings.

Outreach & community services

Our specialist professional and peer teams work with some of the most vulnerable people who use drugs and alcohol out in the community, usually together with other local support services.

Reducing your risks

We can help you minimise the risks associated with drug and alcohol use with sterile needles and syringes, naloxone kits and other support and information.

Specialist support for over-50s

Older adults who use drugs and alcohol have some increased health risks, medication management needs and support requirements. Our specialist services are tailored to help meet those.

Specialist support for children and young people

We work with any young person struggling with their or someone else’s drug or alcohol use. Under-18s can get in touch directly; if you’re concerned about a young person, you can contact us with their consent

Recovery support

We provide professional and peer support for all stages in your recovery journey. So, whether you’re looking to begin making changes, or already in recovery and want support to maintain the changes you’ve made, we can help

Support for family, friends & carers

We help anyone affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use. One-to-one sessions can be at one of our locations, at your home or in the community, and you can meet others in similar situations at our informal coffee mornings.

Support with your own drug or alcohol use

We’ll work with you to tailor one-to-one and/or group support or counselling as appropriate – which can be face-to-face, online or over the phone. The most important step is getting in touch, then we take it from there together with you.

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Get In Touch

If you would like to access CAVDAS you can do so in one of a number of ways. You can make an appointment online or you can call our dedicated workers on 0300 3007000 to discuss your needs.