Tailored support

Tailored support

All our services are centred on your unique requirements and planned in partnership with you. We’ll work with you [link through to how we work with you page] to understand your challenges and goals and develop your individual plan that we regularly review with you.

Support from people who have similar experiences will be available to you and we also provide opportunities to get together socially to build relationships that support the changes you want to make.

When you’re ready, we can also introduce you to volunteering opportunities, provide advice and ongoing support, all tailored to your requirements.
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We offer both peer support and treatment on a one-to-one basis. That can be face-to-face at one of our locations or via phone, text, email or video call – whatever works for you.

Our peer team are well-placed to help you make changes, build and sustain your recovery.

They can also help you engage in treatment as required.


We offer a range of structured group support programmes for people at every stage of recovery. These include relapse prevention, a fully participatory and peer-led course designed to help you maintain your recovery, whatever that means for you.

We also run a cognitive behavioural group programme aimed at those who have recently achieved abstinence to support their ongoing recovery, ideal if you’re preparing to move on from formal treatment provision.

Less structured and more social, you can pop in any time to our open-access hub to get support and meet others in our recovery community.

It’s a friendly, confidential space where you can talk about whatever is on your mind with others, including peer support groups. Plus, there are regular and wide-ranging social activities  available both online and in person. Timetable available here

Contact us for more information or drop in at  The Recovery Centre – 218 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF5 1GX


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How we can help

We support people to minimise the risks they take when using drugs or alcohol; enable those who want to move or continue to stay away from their use; and educate around drug and alcohol use. We have teams of professionals with particular specialisms and peers whose experience of drug and alcohol use makes them very well-placed to provide support.

For support please contact us direct or make an appointment through our booking system