Dedicated services to support people over 50

Dedicated services to support people over 50

Everyone has a right to age well and with dignity. We want older adults to be able to live their best lives free from the harms caused by drugs and alcohol.

Those over the age of 50 who use substances have increased risk of health conditions such as liver disease, heart disease and cancer.

If their use is longstanding, they are also at risk of alcohol-related brain damage.

We can help with the – sometimes difficult – management of these conditions and also signpost family and caregivers of older adults to additional support.

Older adults are also more likely to take regular prescription medication to manage health conditions and their substance use can interfere with their effectiveness.

We can help with advice to reduce their risk of harm and can liaise with GP’s.

Social isolation is more common among older adults and can lead to increased substance use.

We can help support those who feel lonely and depressed to engage in their interests in their local communities to improve their well-being.

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We support people to minimise the risks they take when using drugs or alcohol; enable those who want to move or continue to stay away from their use; and educate around drug and alcohol use. We have teams of professionals with particular specialisms and peers whose experience of drug and alcohol use makes them very well-placed to provide support.

For support please contact us direct or make an appointment through our booking system