What to expect

What to expect

Our confidential and non-judgemental services are created around all the varying and diverse needs of those who use drugs and alcohol and their family and friends throughout Cardiff and the Vale.

Wherever and however you access cavdas you can be expected to be greeted by a warm friendly and trained worker who is a specialist within the substance use field. You will have the opportunity to talk about your needs, wants and goals, and decide on what the next best steps are for you.

You can contact us directly, by calling, emailing or dropping into one of our locations to talk to a substance use worker.

You’ll get non-judgemental advice and guidance on any aspect of substance use for yourself or someone else.

We also have regular coffee mornings and other activities throughout the week that you can drop in to at your convenience.
You can also be referred by a professional such as a GP, housing support officer or social worker.

We’ll ask you about why you’re getting in touch and explore the relevant options. If you are looking for support for yourself, depending on the time you call or drop in, you’ll be invited to an assessment at that point or at a later time and date.

We’ll also give you information about support services in the local area that you may find helpful.

[If you’re calling to speak to your allocated worker, we can put you through or give you a direct number for them.]

All our care and services are centred around you and planned in partnership with you. So, you’ll meet with one of our support workers who will discuss with you your unique needs, goals and preferences.

You’ll talk through the substance use history together, what current use is like and what you want to achieve, and then develop a tailored plan that we regularly review together with you.

We want to make sure you’re as safe as possible, and so, if relevant, will also provide you with advice and guidance aimed at reducing risks.

The specific support you receive will depend on your needs and goals.

They will most likely combine a range of activities, including individual counselling; individual support from one of our specialist substance-use workers; various support groups and informal social activities.

You’ll also meet our peer support team who will have their own experience of some of the issues and challenges you’re facing. Throughout your programme, we’ll regularly review your plan with you and update it based on your progress and any changing circumstances.

Our team is non-judgemental and compassionate and your programme is personal to you and confidential.
Everyone works to provide you with a safe, supportive place where you can discuss your thoughts and experiences.

We understand that many of our clients have had traumatic experiences that may have also led to their substance use. They are fully trained to help you address these, too, and are skilled and sensitive in supporting you and recognising the effects such experiences have, such as anxiety and depression, for example.

  • While our approach varies according to the individual’s unique needs and experiences, we always work in line with certain principles:
    We prioritise your physical and emotional safety at all times.
  • We establish clear boundaries and consistent communication to build trust between clients and service providers.
  • We provide you with choices and control over your interactions, and respect your decisions.
  • We involve you in all decisions and work with you to develop your treatment plans.
  • We build on your existing strengths and coping skills.
  • We respect everyone’s cultural background and will adapt services to meet your specific needs.

We understand that drug and alcohol issues will affect other areas of people’s lives and so routinely work closely with other professionals and sectors, such as GPs and other clinicians, housing providers and social services. So, if you need any other types of support we will identify this with you and can help you get it.

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It’s easy for you to find and get whatever help, information and advice you need, wherever you are in Cardiff and the Vale.

Appointments are available to book online or contact us direct with any questions you may have